About Carolynn’s Reflexology

Hello! My name is Carolynn Sikorski.

I am a registered reflexologist and my mission is to be the best reflexologist in Regina..

Reflexology is an exceptional form of alternative healing therapy with wide-ranging health benefits. It is effective, relaxing and healing, providing myriad benefits as it works to aid the body in its own natural healing and balancing processes.

Reflexology is drug-free, enjoyable and suitable for all ages! To read more about what reflexology can do for you, please visit my what is reflexology page.


My Background

I studied and received my certification through the Reflexology Association of Canada in Regina, Saskatchewan. During my studies, the validity and effectiveness of regular reflexology treatments became quite apparent. The improvement in my client’s overall health was remarkable.

I am currently active in offering reflexology at Yoga Retreats (Lani Knaus @ www.enjoyoga.ca.

I also focus on introducing the benefits of, and creating awareness about, reflexology to the public through trade shows, health fairs and community events.

For more information, please contact me. I look forward to serving you.

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